Walking The Avon Trail - New Series!

The Avon Trail Series is a journey across rural Ontario, from quaint Conestogo along the Krampian Drain and past the Nith River, all the way to Stratford,  and across rolling hills and beautiful countryside, to St Marys at the Thames River.

I hiked the trail in sections from North to South and  picturesque scenes presented themselves in all their glory through the 120 km journey.

Check out the series at "Steve Welch Ontario" on YouTube or visit the Avon Trail Page here for more. . 

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Walking The Avon Trail Series Preview - Episode Links Below

Walking The Avon Trail - End to End - A Journey Across Rural Ontario

Walking The Avon Trail - End To End - Series Begins March 28th 

Hiking the Avon Trail, A 120 km trail that weaves across rural Ontario from Conestogo, where the Conestogo River meets the Grand River, to St. Marys at the Thames River, and a trail which connects the Grand Valley Trail to the Thames Valley Trail, is a glorious journey through the country. 

The series documents the trail, hiked end to end, north to south in sections and through the seasons. Through the ups and downs, big skies, snowy fields, and sun drenched forests, past the old maples and the corn and the rivers and creeks that drain the land, through the meadows and down the country roads, a trail of history, and a trail of living culture, and friendly folks if ever you see one. 

I didn't know what to expect hiking this trail but I learned a lot about the land, and about myself, under the sun and sometimes under the stars. 

Walking the Avon Trail – I’ve been walking

I’ve walked in the north and I’ve walked down south

Now I’m walking the Avon Trail

Walking the Avon Trail – I’ve been walking

I’ve been around this whole wide world

Now I’m walking the Avon trail


Won’t you come along, we could have ourselves some fun

We’ll learn about the land and where our food comes from

Bring some friends along, or you can go it alone

Learn about the land – the land


Through the swamps and the bogs

Over the hills and the valleys

Coming down through the farms where you better set your alarm

I’ll take you where the maple sap flows

And across the fields where the cold wind blows

Spend some time under a big blue sky

Walking through the rays of golden sunlight

Sometimes when the days get short

We’ll be walking in the dark

Thanks to the people who put this together

I could walk the Avon trail forever

Thanks to the people who put this together

I could walk the Avon trail forever




River walking – country lane walking

Across the great land of Ontario – walking on the Avon Trail

Cedar walking – Beech and Hemlock walking

Carolinian walking – Walking on the Avon Trail

Episode 1 - Conestogo

Episode 2 - Health Valley

Episode 3 - St.Jacobs

Episode 4 - Musselman Woods

Episode 5 - Josephsburg

Episode 6 - Sandhills

Episode 7 - Nith River

Episode 8 - Krampien Drain

Avon Trail Photo Gallery