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The Bruce Trail Series : Words, Music and Film from the land.

I grew up close to the lake, the near the eastern point of Lake Ontario. Mount Nemo stood close to where the sun set. My grandfather lived near the escarpment in Waterdown, up the hill from Great Falls. The landscape was my main influence and it was such a cool area with the lake, the ancient cedars on the cliffs, and the four distinct seasons. Not far north from there are endless lakes and canoe routes.

The land is the thing that makes the most sense to me. It has inspired my music throughout my life as I strive to capture the experience the land provides and bring it back with me, to reinspire myself later. Playing my songs or listening back home brought the original inspiration out again - the original emotion brought by the land, the original pure thought captured in poem and song.

Many songs I had written over the years layered themselves effortlessly into the scenes of the Bruce Trail, filmed while completing the end to end hike. A journey of almost 1000 kilometers across the vast Ontario landscape along the Niagara Escarpment.

My hope is that the scenes of the land along the Bruce Trail speak for themselves and the words and music help to inspire a greater love, appreciation, and activity in others just as it has done for me. Or at the very least to provide a soothing distraction from modern life. A calming return to the real world. Where not much has changed and the seasons cycle on.  

Hiking The Bruce Trail End to End : A Journey Across Ontario

     The Bruce Trail has been hiked, end to end, a journey of 911 km or 550 miles across Ontario, documented in two seasons. 

    Season One is 19 episodes covering the first 450 km of the Bruce Trail from Queenston Heights (Niagara River) to Collingwood and Georgian Bay. Filled with scenes of the incredible Niagara Escarpment and the beautiful rolling hills of the Ontario landscape, original music is layered on scenes of the beautiful land.  S1 features songs from the albums "Upland" and "Steve Welch 2019" with some unearthed / unreleased retro classics from the archive all set to the spectacular scenes that were presented with each step in the first half of the Bruce Trail.

     Season Two also has 19 episodes beginning with a cold January hike in the amazing Kolapore Uplands. The season makes it's way through the great Beaver Valley, up and around Owen Sound and then into the magical, mystical, jaw dropping scenes along the Bruce Peninsula as the great trail reaches it's crecendo and this epic journey brought by a love of the land, goes to another level. The music in this series comes from the album "Vitality" along with a couple of special musical guests.  

    1 year and 7 1/2 months later we tagged the cairn in Tobermory, on a sunny bright October evening.  

Season 2 Ep.1 "Kolapore Uplands" Out Now! More Episodes Below

Season 2 Ep.2 "Old Baldy"

Season 2 Ep.3 Eugenia Falls

Season 2 Ep.4 Beaver Valley

Season 2 Ep.5 Blantyre

Season 2 Ep.6 Rocklyn Creek

Season 2 Ep.7 Bognor Marsh to Bayview

Season 2 Ep.8 On The Road To Owen Sound

Season 2 Ep.9 Inglis Falls

Season 2 Ep.10 The Glen

Season 2 Ep.11 Kemble Mountain

Season 2 Ep.12 Skinner's Bluff

Season 2 Ep.13 Malcolm Bluff

Season 2 Ep.14 Jackson's Cove

Season 2 Ep.15 Lion's Head

Season 2 Ep.16 Cape Chin

Season 2 Ep.17 Dyer's Bay

Season 2 Ep.18 Bruce Peninsula National Park

Season 2 Ep.19 Tobermory - The End

End To End - Hiking the Bruce Trail 900km Across Ontario

episode 7 : "Hilton Falls Loop"