1. Backstabber
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Featured in S1. Episode 17, "Devil's Glen"
From the Limited Release 2007 Album "Walk While You Can"


Backstabbers are always around. Backstabbers are hunting me down.
Backstabbers they have no care for me, or my family.
I'm just trying to do my best. Backstabbers, they get no rest.
Backstabbers are self obsessed and they curse when they are blessed.

My home is not your hornet's nest, my home is not your train wreck
Try as you might to knock me down, it's your mess and I'm not hanging around.

Looking for someone that I can trust. I thought I had it but then it was lost.
Every time I try again, backstabbers come from around the bend..
Backstabber, what is your aim? Back stabbers take pleasure in pain.
Backstabber, what remains of your soul when you're playing your game?

My home is past your pettiness, my home is free and my home is vast
Though we all struggle along the way, the fire burns and I meditate...