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Featured in S1. Episode 15, "Pine River,Kilgore"
From the 2007 Limited Release Album "Walk While You Can"


No matter how cold and dark is the night, there will always come a day
Even with all the drama and the trouble you can take a moment and slip away
No matter how hard the hurricane pounds you know it's not here to stay
and when your baby's been crying through the night, there's a smile on its way

It's a beautiful truth

Corruption takes control, the people lose their will and submit to corporate lies
The Earth is sounding and rebounding but it's astounding because the people aren't even trying
Just when the crisis hits the boiling point and we're almost out of time
You'll see the people come together like never before and mobilize

It's a beautiful truth

It's been a long hard day and you wonder how you will do it again tomorrow
All the joy that's swirling 'round comes through as sorrow
Once when you were sitting by the waterfall, and you heard the Great Horned Owl call
Sitting there alone that day, everything is going your way
everything is going your way

When you're knocked down and criticized build up a thicker skin
Off where the wind blows, it's there your troubled thoughts go, time to begin again
If you fight against this great Earth, you know the Earth will always win
You are the Earth walking on itself, and that is how we spin

It's a beautiful Truth