1. Contentment
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Featured in S1.Episode 10,"The Badlands"
From the mix tape / cassette "Seasoning" released in the year 2000.


The crowd is scattered
They've all gone home
A deep fulfillment finally sinks into my bones
I've got it all, and it came to me
I couldn't have planned it any better
Couldn't have planned it any better

Contentment is so elusive
But it fills me up now
It happened but I don't know how
Basking like all animals do in this blessed moment
Stolen from me so many times
This time it's mine

I've passed the test
They've set me free
All that's left now, is the Earth and me
Smoldering fire
Surrounded by hot rocks
Many years of wandering
Has led me to this spot

You on your way
And I on mine
We will meet again in time
Soft waves of beautiful sound moving out in all directions
And my friends and I are left behind