From the recording Steve Welch 2019

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Featured in S1. Episode 16, "Noisy River"


Summer comes now to an end
I'm sitting by the fire
On a point around the bend
No one knows that I'm here
Somehow this year I've learned to live
Without fear
But I have to wonder
Is it real

You are the one that I live for
Without you I'm just a wandering soul
I may know what I want but when I get it I seem to blow it, or bail
Here I am with the wind at my sails
But many sunsets tell a lonely tale

I feel so thankful that we came together in this place
Though I can't forget the deerflies
Those moments when we're thinking it's not the best
They're gone and the best is all that's left

So I hang on to these things and I wonder why they ever have to go
And I ponder why it has to be that only absence makes the heart grow fonder
When you're there, you're not there
And when you're gone, you long for those days
Ain't it funny how life works that way

Now I'm dreaming of the time
When summer was it's prime
And whatever we were doing was good
I see the corner of your smile
It's been a while
Doing life in a fine style
For real
The fire seals
The deal
As the coals glow
You know
You are in good hands
Trust the plan
I'll see you next year

I'll see you next year

Can't wait to see you
Next year