From the recording Steve Welch 2019

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Featured in S1. Episode 14, "Boyne Valley"


Love is a creative thing
Love is a great awakening
Love is a shocking revelation
Love is a deafening meditation

You have patience and I have wine
You make me laugh and I make you cry
Hopeless, I'm down on the beach
The waves lull me to sleep

And I wake up in a boat
I look over the side out on to a desert plain
I close my eyes
Wishing for that beach again

Crows communicate in the trees
What emanates from my being
They can see
What I can't see
Within me
Within me

Horses are supposed to know your feelings
And they run
Oh yes they run
The messages are not so simple
They're crossed again
Crossed again

I will give what I can find
Through this wasteland I will walk
Maybe your love can open mine
Or is this love just talk

Communicate with love
Meditate on it
Communicate with love