1. Plantation

From the recording Steve Welch 2019

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Featured in S1.Episode 3 "The Legend Of Smokey Hollow"


Your location on occasion is a plantation-based derangement
A ground-in weighted displacement arrangement
Earth bound walkers divided and surrounded
Some still walk free, some are still trying to find it

I have seen the way, I have seen the light

You're a target because you think in meditation
Walking to the beat, wide awake and open
Remove the trees and soft ground beneath your feet
You get so exhausted, you cannot beat it
Looking longingly from afar
So close to the windows of your car

I have seen the way, I have seen the light
And it's not what you think, it's what you don't think
You don't think when you're listening and you don't really have that much to say

Many times I've tried my best to put my words up to the test
But in the end it's all just semantics
Once I learned that words alone just point in some direction
So I leave it up to the experience

Sound and music stir the dream
Recollections seem extreme
Emotional strings tied to the past
Waiting for the right scene to come at last
Locked inside just like the sun
When the clouds are moving fast
Into the depths of joy you've gone
With that perfect combination
Do do do do, do do do do