1. Waves Of Joy

From the recording Steve Welch 2019

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Featured in S1.Episode 8, "Hilton Falls Loop"


Whitecaps roll brightly on dark water
Energy in form leaps up to catch the sun
Waves press on in rhythm
Like a steady drum

The heart beats in its time
Blood runs in it's cycle
It frames your state of mind
Always in behind

Slow and stable
Time feeds us it's patterns
We create our fables
In our fashion

Deep and long, though you're not distant
Endlessly reminiscent

Crush us with your furious grace
Sway us with your complex state
We belong when we create
Thunder comes then it abates

I love this flight
I love your eyes
You dance with me tonight
We always try
Don't we always try

Waves of joy in my mind
Waves of joy all the time