1. More Time

From the recording Upland

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You say you need more time to think about that
But it's just to look the other way
Denial can't displace the facts
I'm asking if you'll stay

We've got some problems with carrying on
In the end nothing gets done
Stealing from the children if the truth be told
But it's from that truth we run

I don't want to follow along this time
There's still more that I can do
I stopped too soon where I don't belong
I've got to keep pushing through

There is a place where people speak
In ways I understand
Where I can breathe and I can relate
Where I've got the freedom to take a stand

Can we come together now?
What's in your heart today?
Can we matter ever?
Can we start? Can we begin to say
What's on our minds and what we think is wrong
Maybe we have to grind it through
Maybe our hearts are heavy and the road is long
But it's what we have to do