1. Worth The Wait

From the recording Upland

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Featured in S1, Episode 15, "Pine River,Kilgore"


Can you imagine that you're not here for long
By the time you get to say a word, you're gone
Before the sound of the stones under your feet reaches your ear
The people you've yet to meet disappear

Thousands of years of your family tree
Becomes sedimentary
Would you get your kicks before the shit house comes down
Or try to build something that would make you proud?

When they're digging up your fossils
Would they find your small collection
Would they solve the puzzle
Or would you keep them guessing?

A second and a hundred years
Mean about the same
The time between depends on
how you play the game

I’ll be the rock that you skip
I'll be waiting for you
The moments that we spend on the beach
Will be precious and few

But it is worth the wait, worth the time
Worth the wait, worth the time
Worth the wait, worth the time
Invested in you