From the recording Upland

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Featured in S1. Episode 3, "Into The Dundas Valley"


Just when you thought it was a roadblock
Just when you almost stopped
Someone opened a door for ya
Like looking back on an old adventure
Maybe a perilous one
The survivor looks and learns

Things are happening
Things are happening don't you know
Things are happening and it's starting to show

Obstacles coming from every direction
Streaming now
They talk and they talk and they talk and they talk
Always on the verge of disaster
Searching the world for death and destruction
But never the reason
Always the sorrow and tears
Bringing you the tragedy and the failure
Oh but behind the talk
Out on the landscape
Things are Happening

The fear remains but the thought is gone
You mean there's nothing wrong?
I can live in this moment after all
Just when it looked as though it was all downhill
Things are happening